Pressureless storage tanks


Storage tanks for the underground and above-ground storing of water-endangering inflammable and non-inflammable liquids

  • storage tanks acc. to DIN 6608, 6616, 6618, DIN EN 12285
  • double-wall tanks with leak detection based on a liquid system, an excess pressure system, or a system working at a pressure beneath the atmospheric one
    (By means of the leak detection system expensive internal checks of tanks during the periodic inspections required by the legislator will be avoided.)
  • erection without an additional hold-up tank
  • space-saving embedding in the soil beneath made-up roads
  • industrial series production in compliance with the approved rules of engineering
  • quality assurance according to RAL-RG 998 and based on inspections by the TÜV
  • specialized company in the sense of the law regarding the prevention of water pollution
  • certifications for the states of the EU and Russia